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Check out all of my helpful paramotoring blog posts, where I answer all of the most common questions among new and existing pilots.

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Increase your knowledge, learn how to fly, and discover important things that instructors are failing to teach.

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Browse the recommended gear section to discover all of the paramotoring gear and equipment you'll need to get in the air.

Why you need paramotor planet

Paramotor planet is a non-biased resource for new and existing pilots, started with the goal of providing valuable information that's not available anywhere else online.

With pilot error accountable for every paramotor accident, it's clear that good training simply isn't enough. I've spent hundreds of hours building this website, to teach you the things that a few days training simply can't cover.

paramotor planet homepage

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I recommend that you start by checking out some of the helpful articles in my paramotor blog, as there's lots to learn. To make sure you've absorbed everything, there's also a multiple choice exam that you can take to test your knowledge.