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Last updated on January 18th, 2020 at 07:56 pm

Over the years I've heard so many pilots asking how they can make money with their paramotor, it's the dream right?

If you like the idea of doing something you love for money, paramotor planet are looking for pilots to produce helpful and informative videos and articles for this website.


You don't need to be an expert, all we need are videos from 10 to 30 minutes long to accompany articles on the website. You don't need to edit the video, simply film it, and send us the raw unedited video by using a free site called

Send all videos to

This will prove to be a better way of making money with paramotor videos than using YouTube, because most paramotor channels are struggling to get views.

I know Tucker is doing it, but many other high quality paramotor channels aren't getting close to his views. To be honest most are struggling to get 2000 views per video, which isn't making them much when you do the maths.

On average YouTube ad revenue brings in 3-6 dollars per 1000 views, so 2000 views will get you a maximum of 12 dollars!! And editing YouTube videos will be very time consuming, so it just isn't worth it.

Lot's of pilots start YouTube channels with the hope of making some money, but unless you get lucky, you really aren't going to make much money from a paramotor channel on YouTube.

We will pay $100 per video, or $1000 if you would like to make a series (see below), which is transferred to you by PayPal when we have received the video, and we are happy with it. It doesn't matter where you're from, but you must speak clear English, and the video must be filmed in 1080p HD quality.

If you find that the video is less than 10 minutes long, we may pay less. We'll typically pay $50 for a five minute video.

Examples of what videos we need

We need videos to accompany our articles, so simply look through our posts HERE and choose a keyword (subject). You don't have to use the article as a script, you can say what you want, as long as it relates to the subject, and as long as it doesn't conflict with the article.

So one example is the post - PARAMOTOR PROP STRIKE. A video would cover all of the points I covered in the article, with demonstrations on an actual paramotor. So when you talk about pre-start checks for example, you will show the viewer what to do by demonstrating on your paramotor.

The series

We're particularly looking for a series of videos which will include ground handling videos, theoretical classroom type videos like theory of flight and basic weather for example, and Live-com videos, where you talk people through something while flying, like flight controls for example.

There may not be any articles to accompany videos like this, but that's fine, send me a message before making the videos, and I will tell you exactly what we want.

What we don't want

We don't want bad video or sound quality, make sure the quality is high on all videos.

We don't want edited videos with music, just send a raw video, we do all the editing. The wetransfer video size limit is 2GB, so If the video is too large to send, simply split it at a convenient spot, and send the video in 2 or more emails.

Whiteboard animation video may be OK for some subjects, but check with us first.

Do not wear branded clothes, you can show paramotor brands but don't promote or encourage pilots to buy certain brands. We must be unbiased towards manufacturers at all times.

We don't want videos that you have taken from somewhere / someone else online. All videos must be filmed by yourself, and you should be the owner of the video.

We don't want videos that you have already uploaded to another website.

We don't want PLR videos or creative commons, again, you should be the original owner of the video.

So if you like being on video, and you fancy making a quick 100 dollars, this could be a great little way of doing so, and a cool way getting your face onto which receives over 1000 visits per day.

Bare in mind that when we pay you for the video, you give us all of the rights to that video, and we can use it as we like. We also ask that you do not upload the video anywhere else online, it should be exclusive to this website.

We will check upon receiving the video, and if we find the video anywhere else we will not be able to use it.


You don't need any special writing skills, as I will proof read all articles before posting. All we need is helpful and informative articles that paramotor pilots will find interesting and engaging.

We aim for 2000 words per article, and pay $50 to you via PayPal upon receiving the article. This is equal to the going rate for writers on sites like Fiverr, so this will make a good little side hustle for paramotor pilots.

If you want to guest post in return for a link to your website, no money will be paid.

Send all articles to

If you have an idea for an article, simply send me an email to let me know your idea, and I will let you know if I want it.

What we don't want

We don't want copy and pasted articles, all articles should contain original content. We will check that no parts of the article are copy and pasted, if they are, we will not be able to use it.

We don't want paragliding articles, they should be paramotor only, unless they contain a comparison to the two sports.

We don't want articles in any other language except English.

We accept guest posts from other websites, but your website must relate to paramotoring in some way.

We accept and create sponsored posts from advertisers, but your website or product must relate to paramotoring, and we will ask for the payment before posting the article.

So if you like to write, and you think you can add something valuable to this website, then get in touch.

Any questions about videos or articles can be sent to

we look forward to working with you!