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Paramotor Brands: These are the 9 best paramotor manufacturers

There’s lots of paramotor brands to choose from, and if you’re just getting started in the sport it can be difficult to know what the best brands are, and which ones are best left alone.

This list contains 9 of the most reputable paramotor manufacturers, and a look at what they have to offer. The list is in no particular order, all of these manufacturers have a good reputation in the sport, so it’s worth checking them all out.

Before we get to the list, keep in mind that most paramotors still have little niggles that need fixing by the manufacturers. I don’t think there’s a brand out there that doesn’t, that’s why it’s important to look at as many brands as possible before making any decisions.


Air conception

Air conception was created in France by Laurent Fourgeaud, with the goal of building a paramotor that achieves all of a pilots the most desirable aspects.

They focused on:

  • POWER. AC currently offer the Nitro 200, and Tornado 280 engines. These engines are very powerful, with the Nitro 200 producing 75.4 KG of thrust with a 130 CM propeller, and the Tornado 280 producing 92 KG of thrust with 140 CM 3 blade.
  • WEIGHT. With the Delta magnesium frame, and the Nitro 200 engine, the all up weight is just 19 KG, making this one of the lightest paramotors on the market.
  • RELIABILITY. Let’s face it, 2-strokes aren’t the most reliable of engines. But when pilots want the lightest paramotor, they’re ready to deal with some reliability issues. Nonetheless, the Nitro 200 has proven itself to be a very reliable, low maintenance, long lasting engine.
  • TRANSPORTABILITY. The Air Conception will break down quickly and easily for transport, and will easily fit into the boot of a small car. They’ve also built the Race split titanium frame, which is specifically designed for travel and easy transportation.

Air conception currently offer two different frame options: the Race v2 Titanium, and the Delta, the lightest being the Magnesium Delta that comes in at just 2 KG!

Their engines have pull and electric start options, and both the Nitro and Tornado are available with a clutch. The lightest option is the Nitro 200 pull start, weighing in at 11.6 KG.

Most people will choose Air Conception because of the low weight design. Lifting just a few kilos more can be difficult for some people, so if you struggle, or if you have back or knee problems for example, this brand could be for you.

Air Conception website.


The Parajet brand was started when founder Gilo Cardozo designed the 180cc XT engine in his garage in England. Just five years later in 2005 he launched his first paramotor, the Volution. The paramotor was designed to be super strong, powerful, and easy to transport.

Over the years Parajet have continued to focus on these aspects, and the Volution is now in it’s third generation, which is a very popular choice for pilots worldwide.

The Volution isn’t all they have to offer though. You can choose between two more popular foot launched units, the Zenith, and the Maverick. Or maybe you prefer a wheeled machine, in which case the Falco trike may be more suitable.


The first thing that comes to mind is strength! The cage and frame are super strong, this is why it’s a top choice for instructors who expect the frame to be able to handle some big impacts.

The Volution 3 isn’t the lightest of paramotors. Expect the combined dry weight of paramotor + engine to be around 30 KG.


Much lighter than the Volution, the Zenith features a full CNC machined frame that is designed to be very transportable. This is the perfect choice for travelling, or adventure pilots.


This unit has become one of the most popular paramotors to see at the field. With the powerful Vittorazi Moster 185 engine, it weighs in at just 24.5 KG dry, which is on par with the Zenith.

The sleek titanium frame, and stylish fuel tank look fantastic; assembly is super easy, and although the frame is much thinner than the Volution, it’s still very rigid and tough.

Parajet also introduced the Mav MAX in 2022 which has a few upgrades, including a larger cage to house a bigger propeller, a removeable fuel tank for easier transportation, and added frame supports.

Parajet offer a huge choice of engines for all of their paramotors, from many different manufacturers. This means you can find the correct amount of power for your weight or goals.

The Parajet website.


Based in Slovakia, Scout built the worlds first truly aerodynamic paramotor. Airfoil shaped profiles are used to compensate torque in flight, meaning there’s no torque steer, and much less drag than a tubular design.

Scout have two paramotors to offer: the carbon cage which has a full lightweight carbon fibre hoop and spars, and the enduro cage which is made from 7075 T6 Aluminium with carbon fibre airfoil profiles.

You’ll have a choice of 4 engines, including the popular Vittorazi Moster 185. These are available in electric or pull start, clutched or non clutched; and, both units are available with the safe start feature that prevents propeller injuries during startup.

Scout paramotors will appeal to those who want the best in safety and handling. The fact that it looks awesome will also attract many pilots.


  • Safe start: prevents the engine revving uncontrollably during startup, thus preventing propeller injuries.
  • Load testing: the Scout has been fully load tested to 2250 KG, which is far higher than any high G manoeuvre will reach.
  • Protection: the Scout offers protection in the event of a crash, with a carbon fibre back shield, and super easy reserve and flotation device mounting.
  • Smart bar: this attachment takes all of the load off the swing arm bolts to eliminate the chance of the bolt shearing.

I chose the Scout as the safest paramotor in a recent post HERE.

The Scout website.


Nirvana have been producing paramotors since the early days of the sport in 1999, and unlike most paramotor brands, Nirvana also make their own engines. They’re based in the Czech Republic, and currently have three models to offer.

Each of their models have something different to offer, but the Instinct High-Line has proven to be a popular choice. This is their only model that offers either low, or mid hang points (mid hang points are recommended), and a full Carbon-Kevlar frame. This means the instinct frame is lightweight, but at the same time, very strong.

Features of the Instinct High-Line

  • Laminate composite back shell: This helps to protect the pilots spine in the event of a crash.
  • Manual or Electric start: choosing the electric start means you no longer have to risk starting the unit on the ground, which is the number one cause of injury in paramotoring.
  • Weight: although the frame is light, the unit as a whole weighs 28 KG if you choose the NS 160. This isn’t the heaviest of paramotors, but it may be too heavy for some pilots.
  • Twist Air: Nirvana call their strut system “twist air”, which eliminates engine torque at all speeds and RPMs, just like the Scout.

Nirvana’s other two paramotors will suit many pilots, but high hang point systems tend to accentuate torque twist, so think carefully before buying.

The Nirvana website.

Fly Products

Fly products are another brand with plenty of experience. They’re based in Italy and have been designing and building paramotors for over 20 years. They have a huge range of machines, including foot launch and wheeled paramotors.

If you’re looking for a trike, Fly Products have 9 current models to choose from, including single and twin seat options. Many of their trikes can be flown without a license, but some do come into the higher weight range, so bare this in mind when choosing yours.

The best of both

If you like the idea of flying a trike, but you also enjoy foot launching, Fly Products offer the Foxy trike, and the foot launched Rider. You can easily attach the Rider to the foxy to enjoy a trike flight, or simply unbolt it when you feel like foot launching.

This setup comes with a choice of three engines, including the pilots favourite Vittorazi Moster 185, so you’ll never be short of power. The trike weighs just 9 KG, and folds very small for easy transportation. The Rider is also very light, with its magnesium alloy construction, and carbon fiber spars.

More reputable paramotor brands
Choosing your paramotor brand

Take your time choosing a paramotor brand, and take a look at my other post that will help you to choose your first paramotor HERE.



  1. Help Started flying PPG in 2003. 2014 purchased a JCV Verner 360 and after 44 hours of flight time
    I had to put it in storage do to a major old age related surgery. Drained all fluids, covered it and into my shop it has sat. Recently pulled it out and having some issues. Starts and idles but dies going to throttle. From being stored so long I replaced the plugs and fuel pump and complete check of all wiring and hoses. Issue persists. I know the engine is no longer produced but hoping someone out there can lend some advice. I am 75 and still flying my quad setup with a Cors Air Blackbull engine. Would like to get the 360 back in the air. Please email me and I will contact you. Thankyou RICK

  2. Hello,

    Anybody know what motor/brand has an M on the pull start recoil cover?


  3. What about the dragonfly

  4. The Sky Tap Angel (Round Top) is an improved version of the Flat Top, clearly a better choice!

  5. Buy FLAT TOP others are piece of junk. Guess why Dell is the best paramotor pilot and you’re not. Haha I could bet if u take a fall u will die . But FLAT TOP na na na crumple zone saves ur ass my friend. Still if u decide to reply to me and say FLAT TOP is bad then ur just a BITCH

      1. Author

        Gotta agree with you on that! I get a lot of these flat top / Dell comments. I think it’s actually Dell himself spamming me to be honest, the guy is a narcissist.

  6. Any thoughts on HE Paramotors

    1. Author

      Hi Anthony, my first paramotor was a HE R120. Not bad, but not great. The main issue I had was the engine was very underpowered, and the climb rate was terrible with the beginner wing I was using at the time. The tubular cage was also a little flimsy, the materials they use are very thin meaning a trip or bum landing could easily cause damage to it. I’d recommend shopping around a little before taking the plunge.

  7. Why am I not seeing flat top on your list

  8. What about Kangook from Canada? I love mine.

  9. Excellent! Your website has been super informative. Appreciate the effort!
    One brand I don’t see listed is BlackHawk.
    Although, I’ve a couple people saying that they are not safe.
    I do understand that it’s often pilot error, but there seems to be a number of people (although, they seem to have a vested interest in their own product) that talk smack about them.
    When I didn’t see them listed here, It does make me wonder…

  10. Curious to know if there are any American manufacturers.

    1. Look ar Green. Eagle out of Texas

      Their 4 stroke trike unit is currently #1 on my list to purchase in 2020.

      1. Buy a Flat Top. They are the best and made in the US too!

        1. flat top is junk do not purchase that one

      2. Do not give Green Eagle any money up front, he has screwed a lot of people in this past 10 years, u decide to buy from this guy do not give him a dime until u are loading it on your trailer. If u give him money up front u may never see it again and u will get constant excuses as to why your wing or trike is not done yet. I know of 10 people he has screwed so far. He builds a good trike, but tell when u load it up, then u will pay for it. Go to

  11. Considering the Power2Fly RS.

  12. What about the Flat Top? 😂

    1. I love the flat top. If you want durability and safety, it’s the clubhouse leader in my opinion.

    2. Flat Top does not build the unit they have someone else do it he just sells them.

      1. I hardly think this is a valid reason to avoid them. Methinks you busted something and tried to claim warranty but they said a big fat NO and now you bash them. People do this ALL the time to feel better even when its not true.

  13. I purchased a copy of your PTM and would like to get an update, but can’t find a way to do that on your site. It keeps trying to get me to buy another. Ref. Number: 10762447

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      Hi Douglas, thanks for downloading the eBook. We’re still on edition one at the moment, I will amend the long description on the download page when it’s updated.

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