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Paramotor gifts: The top 15 gifts that pilots will love!

Choosing gifts for paramotor pilots can be difficult, but if this person is obsessed with paramotoring it’s your lucky day! We’re about to check out the top 15 paramotor gifts that you can order online today.

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The top 15 paramotor gifts

1. Paramotor books

You really can’t go wrong with a book, and if you’re buying for a pilot who’s new to the sport then this is a gift that will be very much appreciated.

There’s a few to choose from and our own Complete Paramotor Pilot’s Book Of Knowledge along with the The PPG bible (link to Amazon) are both highly rated with great customer reviews.

You can also find Understanding flying weather on Amazon, and this is another great read for all pilots. Both new or seasoned flyers will benefit from its content, and you can see it’s also highly rated with good reviews.

2. DVDs and video streams

Whether you’re buying for a beginner or an experienced paramotorist, films always make a good gift.

All pilots will enjoy the master PPG DVD series, which goes through various aspects of flying all the way up to the most advanced paramotoring.

Another great film that pilots always enjoy is the we are the rovers adventures, that follows some of the worlds top pilots on paramotoring adventures around the world.

3. T shirts and hoodies

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What pilot doesn’t love sporting a good paramotor t-shirt? There’s lots to choose from and you can find them on various websites.

You can check out our own range of t-shirts , hoodies and accessories that have proven very popular by clicking here.

4. Flight clothing 

An important part of every paramotor pilots kit bag are items of flight clothing like gloves, flight suits, and waterproof boots for running through damp grass.

There’s lots of recommendations in our recommended gear section HERE.

5. Sunglasses 

As most paramotor flights are taken while the sun is very low in the sky, sunglasses become essential for every paramotor flight.

They also make a great gift because they can also be used while pilots aren’t flying.

Oakley sunglasses are always popular with pilots because of their wrap around style. A big portion of the Oakley range is also aimed at sports so they’re lightweight and comfortable, just what a paramotor pilot needs.

6. Strobe light

If you want to buy something that’ll help keep the pilot in your life safer, a strobe light will be a great paramotor gift choice that they’ll love.

Many pilots buy strobe lights when they first start flying, so you’ll want to check that they don’t already have one fitted.

A popular choice of strobe light that will fit all paramotors is the Skyflar that you can find on eBay HERE.

The one in the video above can be found HERE.

7. Instruments

Paramotor pilots love gadgets, and there are some really cool options in THIS POST.

Some of my top picks that would make great gifts would definitely be altimeters and wind speed meters.

If you’re stuck for choice, the Fairhaven micro alti (link to Amazon) is a great option as it’s specifically designed for our sport, and it has lots of great functions that paramotor pilots will find very useful. Check out my full review HERE for more info.

8. Radios

One thing that every pilot needs is a radio to communicate with other pilots and people on the ground.

Baofeng radios are always a popular choice, and they start at a very affordable price.

Another popular option is a hands free Bluetooth communication device like the Sena 10R. Some helmet modification may be required, so be sure the receiver of this gift is able to fit it before buying.

9. Fuel can and shaker

You can’t go wrong with this gift, as all pilots need it! A fuel can to carry fuel to the field. Get a second gift to make this complete and add a siphon shaker hose to transfer the fuel to the paramotor’s tank.

10. Tools

You can never have enough tools, and all paramotor pilots will need them at some point.

A great gift choice would be a torque wrench like this for tightening propeller bolts and essential regular maintenance.

11. Balaclava

When winter rolls around, every pilot will be glad of a nice warm balaclava to stop the chill.

Be sure to get one with a big eye port, as the ones with two small holes are no good for flying.

Balaclavas made for bikers or skiing are a good choice, as they are much longer and will cover the neck. This stops the dreaded winter wind chill that all paramotor pilots fear. Check my top choice HERE.

12. Camera

All pilots love taking pictures and videos, so a camera would make a perfect paramotor gift.

Regular cameras can be difficult to operate in flight, so action cameras will be the best option. These cameras are specially designed for action sports, and they can be mounted to the pilot’s helmet to capture whatever the pilot sees.

GoPro cameras are the most popular choice, but there are plenty of great alternatives for those who want a cheaper option.

13. Chase cam

paramotor gifts and presents

If the pilot already has a camera, then they’ll love a chase cam to attach it to!

Chase cams are connected to the paramotor’s wing, and are pulled along behind as the pilot flies. This gives a great alternative view of the pilot, and will capture some incredible footage.

There’s a few to choose from, but they all do the same thing, and the more expensive ones aren’t necessarily any better.

Check out my review of the skybean chase cam HERE.

14. Wind speed meter

Another essential item for every paramotorist is a wind speed meter. It’s a great safety item to use before windier launches, or great if the pilot is new to flying and finds it harder to judge whether the wind is safe to launch in.

Check out the one I’m currently using here on Amazon > Wind speed meter.

I hope you found this list of paramotor gifts helpful!


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