paramotor pilot exam

Take the paramotor pilot exam! Do you have the knowledge?

This multiple choice paramotor pilot exam can be taken right now to test your knowledge on various aspects of paramotoring. The test is taken from the complete paramotor pilot training manual that is now available on Paramotor Planet and Amazon.

The exam doesn't qualify you to fly a paramotor, but it will help to expand your knowledge of the sport. If you get any questions wrong you will find explanations to each at the end of the exam. You can also download the book which covers everything in the exam, and lots more.

There's 35 questions and they're all multiple choice. There's a possible 43 points and the pass mark is 38. If you pass you'll get a printable certificate, have fun!

1. Before starting the engine it is important to


2. During your pre-flight checks it is essential to


3. Before flying a paramotor it is important to do a


4. FAR 103 and CAA rules of the air (US and UK) state that a paramotor must be flown in accordance with


5. Your paramotor has a strobe / safety beacon fitted that is visible from 3 miles away. You can fly


6. No clearance or special permission is required to fly in


7. Flying a paramotor in the rain


8. What two words should you call out to let everybody know you are about to start your engine

9. When flying anywhere you should always


10. Tight spiral dives should be avoided because


11. When approaching another aircraft head on, you should


12. Select 1 or more answers. According to FAR 103 (US) and the CAA rules of the air regulations (UK) all paramotors shall give way to



Cumulonimbus clouds


14. You see this NOTAM in the area you fly your paramotor –

Glider flying will take place

MAY BE OBSERVED IN THE VCY. Contact 07********* for more info.

LOWER: Surface, UPPER: 1,000 Feet AMSL
FROM: 01 Sep 2018 TO: 01 Sep 2018
SCHEDULE: Sunrise to sunset

What action should you take


15. Flying in the lee side of a hill is dangerous because


16. After how long should you send your reserve parachute for repacking


17. A small chip on the propeller blade can


18. Select 1 or more possible answers. When flying over water you should


19. Before flying low you should


20. Nimbostratus clouds are a sign of


21. According to internationally recognised air laws who has the right of way


22. Select one or more answers. What should you do before starting your engine?


23. The angle of attack refers to


24. A wing reaches its stalled region


25. To stop the wing overshooting you, you should


26. In the trough of a wave you’ll find


27. Low level clouds are


28. When converging you will give way to


29. Applying both brakes down to your ears at the last stages of the takeoff run can


30. Your wing has been exposed to salt and sand, you also notice some oil spots from your exhaust. You can



It’s a clear morning and you’re ready for a cross country flight. You will takeoff with enough fuel to fly for two hours and you will land back at the same field. There’s a 12 mph wind blowing in the direction you need to fly meaning the outbound trip will take you about 55 minutes. What should you do?


32. The centre of pressure on a reflex wing is


33. Select one or more answers. A high angle of attack can lead to


34. Select one or more answers. Your right brake line snaps, what can you do?



You launch and your wing starts pulling to the left and the paramotor is struggling to climb. You’re pulling right brake and holding full power but it seems to be getting worse. You should immediately


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  1. Hi, I answered all the questions and hit “submit” but nothing happens other than a message saying “no answer to the verification question”. I did not find a verification question to answer.

    1. Author

      Hi Alasdair, thanks for letting us know. The problem has now been resolved.

  2. Great test
    Well worth buying the pilots book of knowledge before starting the test.

    Thanks guys

    1. How do I take the test and get the results , I took the test but had no results

  3. I’m a paramotor pilot in Brazil, I took the test and there are some rules that are a little different from here. An example is the use of strobe to fly at the beginning of the sunset. When I fly here, I will study the rules. Very cool the test. Congratulations!

  4. I have had no knowledge of para motor thought i would take the test for fun. I will read up on this and try again Thanks for putting this out there.

  5. As I have never flow a paramotor and have never studied the weather and clouds, test was a bit challenging, however if flying (anything) one should know the answers to the questions.

    1. Thanks for the test.I am interested to practice more. My aim is to start a tandem joy ride Center in India.

  6. I am curious to see how I did on the test. Thank you for offering this, especially for us newer pilots.

  7. So just realized the paramotor pic is me. Custom black paramania Revo.

    1. Author

      Hiya James! Indeed it is, floating down the Severn enjoying the bore fly-in. How awesome does that wing look! We’ll have to get together for another flight!

    1. Author

      When you complete the test and pass, there’s a link to the certificate on the congrats page

    1. Author

      Hi Wesley, there’s a download button on the bottom right of the certificate page. You can download it to your computer then print it from there.

  8. complete novice, though I used to fly hang gliders. 28 was a reasonable start to work on.

  9. Have just taking the exam and purchased your book … love what you are doing Darrell!

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