Ascent H2 Vario / altimeter | ground speed, heading, glide ratio, and track logs

  • Integrated GPS shows ground speed, glide ratio, heading, position
  • Also shows distance and direction from launch
  • Temperature compensated absolute and relative altitude
  • Vertical speed with adjustable averaging
  • Lithium polymer rechargeable battery

Introducing the all new Ascent H2 vario with the same great features as our original vario but now with GPS functionality. New features include GPS calibrated altitude, ground speed, heading, glide ratio, and track logs that can be downloaded in both kml and igc formats using our own easy to use software interface. The logbook records start of flight time and date, flight duration, min and max altitudes, max and average climb rates, max sink rate, min and max temperatures, and distance and direction from launch after landing.

The revolutionary new H2 model from ASCENT combines a VARIO and GPS in a super lightweight, fully featured, instrument especially designed for Paragliding and Hang Gliding.

It can easily be the choice as a pilots main vario, a back up or as a specialised lightweight unit when every gram counts. Tandem pilots will also find the ASCENT VARIO especially useful !

It is simple to use, has a large easy to read screen, durable and provides all the information a pilot needs via a number of pages. It is metres/feet selectable.

Altimeter : Temp compensated Absolute and Relative heights (ie: ALT 1 and ALT 2)

Variometer : With user adjustable averager and sink alarm.

GPS : Provides Ground Speed, Glide Ratio, Heading, Positions, and Distance and Direction from Launch. It also features auto altitude calibration of the pressure sensor with the GPS

Flight Memory : Records up to 200  flights with date, start time, duration, start alti, max alti, end alti, max 3 sec lift, max average lift, max sink, max temp and min temp !

Lithium Polymer Battery : up to 10hrs use and re-charge from any of the 3 the supplied chargers – 240v wall charger, 12v car charger and USB charger !

Comes supplied with multi purpose velcro mounting strap (for mounting on wrist, PG harness, HG upright).