Helmet With Bluetooth communication and music

Durable purpose built PPG helmet equipped with the awesome Sena Bluetooth communication device. Lets you communicate with other radios and Sena devices, listen to music, and take phone calls.


*Please indicate what size and color you would like. These helmets come in all sizes and are equipped with a removable and adjustable visor and The SENA communication system. With this you can direct connect intercom with local pilots, connect to your smart phone or other device via Bluetooth for communication via cell phone and music.

Use the SENA “Ride Connected” app to have large group communication from any distance. With noise reduction, you can take phone calls while at full throttle and the person on the other line will have no idea you’re in the air. Also available is the SENA Bluetooth Two-Way radio adapter so you can communicate with other radios and local air traffic. –

Note: These helmets are built for the user based on your requested size and color.

No returns accepted. However, If you do decide you need a different size, Helmet sizes can be swapped for 29. Please make sure to follow the measurement guide included in the pictures above. -Two-Way radio adapter sold separately