Castrol Power 1 Racing 2T TTS Oil

I’ve been using this oil for 18 years! I’ve used it in all of my paramotors and I even used it when I was a kid in my dirt bikes. That was back when it was called TTS, which is what many people still know it as. It’s exactly the same stuff and it works great, and safe to say I’ve never blown an engine while using it!

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Castrol Power1 Racing 2T, with JASO FD, API TC, ISO EGD specifications, is a fully synthetic high-performance 2-stroke engine oil. Suitable for all 2-stroke engines in modern Japanese and European motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and quads with pumped or petroil (fuel-oil mix) lubrication.

Mix ratio 1:50 or according to manufacturer’s specifications


  • with racing technology

Available in 1 l and 4 l canisters.

Good to know:
All Castrol plastic canisters have an integrated pouring aid to prevent spillage and drips. So everything stays clean!