GoPro Foot Mount 3D printed *Top rated product*

This product is listed on Ebay UK. Therefore US readers should see > THIS foot mount instead.

3D Printed GoPro/Action Camera foot mount (for laced shoes) for air sports including Paragliding & Paramotoring.

This product is only currently available via the link to Ebay. I’ve been in contact with the manufacturer, so if you ever find the listing doesn’t exist please contact me and I’ll point you in the right direction. Scroll down for more information.


Chamfered design to reduce tangles and lightweight. The mount is strong enough for being dragged around while kiting but also weak enough to rip off if your unfortunate enough to get tangled in your lines.

This laced version is so you can quickly remove the mount from your flying boots (fits trainers too) in case of bombing out or a hike back to civilisation.

Other mounts I have seen require you to lace them into your footwear.

Footprint is large enough to lace tight.

Please note, the Gopro case and GoPro clip is for illustration purposes only and not included in the sale. Clipping in the base to the mount is hard. ensure it clicks in place and cannot pull out.

Q: What material is it and how long will this last?
A: I use PLA (Polylactic Acid). It is a common use for 3D Printing. PLA is biodegradable, but with proper care it will last many many flying seasons. If it does get left behind, it shouldn’t hurt the environment. 
Q: Is the mount tight when fitting my camera or will i need a lanyard?
A: Yes, it is very tight when you fit your camera. I test fit all of them (you can see the marks on the top plate). I find it very hard to remove the mount after i have test fitted it. Using an extra lanyard is personal choice. I don’t feel the need to use one.
Q: Are you trying to make a business from these?
A: No, not at all. Having been in the flying community for a few years, I have seen some really crazy (and sometimes really sharp) foot camera mounts. I am lucky enough to know how to design and have a printer at home. I don’t actually make that much profit once i pay for materials and electric. The goal is to make these available to anyone not wanting to DIY one themselves.
Q: Will you be adding more camera style mounts soon?
A: Yes, I have been asked a few times about ‘Foxeer’ style cameras. These have become more popular because of the price. I have a few designs made, and they will be tested before i sell them.