Paramotor hook knife for fast cutting of tangled lines etc.

Hook knives are essential for all paramotor pilots. If you find yourself in an unrecoverable collapse, with lines tangled around your reserve bridles, you’re going to need a hook knife. So get one, and never fly without it.


The cutter is a specially designed 420 stainless Steel rust proof blade. Durable, extremely sharp, fast cutting of all kinds of materials, including paramotor lines, straps, ropes and more.

The product is equipped with a high strength nylon knife bag, to hold the knife securely. There is a 25 cm ribbon on the bag surface, and it will accept 2 inch webbing, easy to fix onto harness straps, webbing belts, etc.


When you do all kinds of outdoor activities, such as paramotoring, kite surfing, paragliding, diving swimming, extreme Mountaineering, road trips….

There is always danger, and this handy Hook Knife could be lifesaving. Convenient small Body, practical and a very sharp blade, Fast cutting of paramotor and paragliding lines, ropes, nets, Safety belts…. To help get you quickly out of an entanglement and danger!