Motul 800 2T Factory Line Oil With Ester Technology

You may have noticed that I’m also recommending Castrol Oil, that’s because Castrol is the oil I personally use for paramotoring. Motul 800 is also in my recommendations because I’ve seen it recommended by countless experienced pilots, most will say it’s better than Castrol; but I can’t comment as I haven’t used it.

You can also check out the top seven oils being used by paramotorists, along with a guide to cheap vs premium oil HERE.

It is more expensive but it sounds impressive – it was specially developed for factory motocross racing teams and utilises the newest ester technology. This insures optimum engine efficiency and limits the seizure phenomena in extreme operating conditions. It also has a strong anti-emulsification based formula which prevents the throttle sticking in the carburettor in wet weather. It’s highly rated on Amazon so maybe I’ll give it a go myself.