Paramotor Strobe lighting 3.7 miles visibility! (super bright flashing LED)

Make yourself more visible to other aircraft! With a visual distance of more than 3.7 miles, this lightweight easy to fit strobe light is perfect for paramotorists flying early mornings, and during the evening. Originally built for use with drones, but tried and tested with paramotor pilots, and easy to fit to your cage with a simple velcro tape and a rubber loop that stretches around your cage.


This is a super bright Lightweight strobe light. It has 10 lighting modes, which can be cycled by click the button.


1. White steady.

2. White fast flash,

3. Red fast flash,

4. Green fast flash,

5. White slow flash,

6. Red slow flash,

7. Green slow flash,

8 . White and red fast flash,

9. White and green fast flash,

10. Red and green fast flash.

The brightest light mode is white flash. In our test, when the light is installed, the visual distance is more than 3.7 miles.

You can use common USB chargers for charging, such as mobile phone chargers and computer USB ports. Please do not use the fast charging interface to charge the flash lamp, such as PD fast charging port.

Install the loop and hook tape on the surface for 24 hours to achieve the best adhesion effect.