PPG helmet with Noise cancelling ear muffs + Double PPT Control

  • All CE EN966  certifited  Standard EN966:2012+A1:2012.
  • Super light Weight:650g+/-50g
  • 3M High noise cancelling system

Professionally manufactured with strict quality control, and exquisite production. has developed to 11 helmets used for
paragliding/powered parachute/parachute/aircraft/  ultralights speed skiing etc.

All helmets are CE EN966  certifited. Standard EN966:2012+A1:2012

Please leave a message for the connector you need, Kenwood, Icom, Yaseu, Moto?

Shell is made of 3 layers of superfine glass steel and then an added layer of Kevlar or carbon fiber composite.

Not ABS, ABS material is not strong enough for airborne sports.

Super light Weight:650g+/-50g

High noise cancel system

Application of a standard communication system, very good noise cancelling system for increased ear protection.

A Large field of view. We can add a coated polycarbonate glass visor upon request.