PPG Smoke – Paramotor Smoke Display System for incredible effect while you fly!

PPG Smoke

Paramotor Smoke System

Aviation Quality Smoke, from your Paramotor!

Everything you need included in a single package. The ultimate paramotor smoke system, designed from end to end for PPG applications.

It’s not an RC airplane pump or a window washer fluid pump. Our PPG smoke system is a ball bearing based, high flow rate, low energy consumption pump – specifically designed ppg smoke applications. Compatible with aircraft smoke oil or baby oil.

Lightweight, small form-factor and single piece pump design with a power switch and on/off smoke toggle. Lasts up to 4 hours on rechargeable AA batteries or 120 flights with 2 minute smoke runs. There are no Lipo batteries (fire hazard) or separate Lipo battery chargers required (extra cost).

Installation and setup takes 15 minutes.


  • 1000 ml fluid container
  • 600 ml per minute flow rate
  • 2 minutes of smoke per flight
  • 4 hours or 120 flights of battery life
  • 12v input


  • Dry weight: 433g
  • Wet weight: 1433g
  • Dimensions: 25cm * 9cm * 9cm


  • Smoke Pump
  • Smoke Fluid Mount
  • Smoke Hardware Kit


  • Rivnut gun
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 7mm drill bit
  • 450° high temp. threadlock