Simple bright PPG paramotor 12 LED Strobe light

A popular choice for paramotor pilots, this strobe is super bright, and will increase your visibility to other pilots. Strobe lights are essential and required by law for all US pilots flying during twilight conditions.

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  • Certified SAE J845 Class 1 & SAE J578 for Amber, Blue, Red, & White. Meets California Title 13 Class B with Amber, Blue, & Red.
  • Each unit contains 12, 3 watt 7th Generation LEDs with great heat sink management for long life span.
  • Built in flasher with 21+ selectable flash combinations, sync-able between multiple units, TBT (Turn/Brake/Tail) Light Function.
  • Completely Waterproofed, Strong fog penetrability and dust-proof and corrosion resistant.
  • Can be mounted almost anywhere, onto the frame, cage etc. – Black flange, Foam back piece, and Installation Manual included.


The Abrams 120 Degree LED hide away is the first of its kind. With a newly designed 120 Degree optics, the resulting strobe warning light is brighter and more compact than its predecessor. This versatile LED hideaway unit can be used for surface mounting, and various other light assemblies. In addition to being composed of 7th Generation LED’s with 120 Degree optics lenses, having 37+ selectable flash patterns, synchronization function between multiple units, this LED light head is guaranteed to increase the visibility of all paramotor, paragliding, or ultralight pilots.

Interchangeable/Compatible with:
All machines and devices equipped with a 10 to 30 Volt DC power source.

Product Features:
Each unit consists of 12, 3W 7th Generation high intensity LEDs.
Built in flasher – no external flasher needed.
37+ select-able flash combinations.
Last pattern memory recall.
TBT (Turn/Brake/Tail) Light Function.
Easily replaces traditional hideaway strobe with existing 1” hole.
Synchronization between multiple units and with other Abrams products such as Grill Lights, Dash & Deck Lights & Beacon.
Versatile application with surface mounting design and internal mounting within light assemblies.
Compactly sized to fit almost anywhere on the vehicle.
Weatherproof ready for exterior mounting (not submersible).
Built in heat sink.
Black flange included for surface mounting.

Product Content:
1 x Blaster 120 Degree LED Hide-A-Way Strobe
1 x Black Flange
1 x Gasket
Owner’s Manual

Dimension: 1 1/2′ Diameter (Base) / 1” Diameter (Bulb) x 1-1/8’ H ( 3.81cm / 2.54cm x 2.86cm)
Input Current @ 12V/24V: 50mA – 360mA/25mA – 180mA

5 Year Hassle-Free Warranty – Lifetime Customer Support!