Runleader Tachometer / hour meter

Easily keep track of how many hours you’re flying and keep a watch on your engines RPM with this cool little gadget. Simply fix it to your paramotor’s frame, wrap the wire around your coil / spark plug lead and it will come to life when you start your engine. Great for keeping track of how many hours you’re putting on your motor and wing for servicing etc.


Runleader RL-HM032R Backlight LCD gasoline Inductive Tachometer for Paramotors, Microlights, Marine Engines etc.

  • Digital Tachometer Hour Meter for 2 or 4 Stroke Gasoline Engine
  • Backlight Hour meter accumulating total running hours TOT, recording partial running time JOB,maintenance timer can be set freely to 0-200 hours SVC
  • Tachometer Maintenance reminder service,user can set it from 0 hours to 200 hours .RPM refresh can be set 0.5s or 1s
  • measuring current engine RPM,recording and viewing engine MAX RPM,and setting overspeed warning function,refresh rate can be set 0.5S or 1S
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery,data stored automatically after replacing the battery,Waterproof IP65.CE & RoHS Certification

The Tachometer will track engine hours and RPMs for 2 /4 stroke gasoline powered engines. The operation of the Hour meter is connected by5 ft. insulated wire. You will wrap the wire around the spark plug for around 5 times. The meter is activated by the spark of the engine.

Product Function:
Timing System Including: 
Total running hours TOT,total hours are non-resettable
Partial running time JOB,partial hours are resettable
Maintenance timer can be set freely to 0-200 hours SVC
Hours Range 0-99,999.9 hours with 0.1 hours accuracy

RPM Measuring System:
Measuring current engine RPM
recording and recall engine MAX RPM
Setting overspeed warning function and can resettable
RPM Range 0- 20,000,RPMs with 10 RPM accuracy.
Replaceable CR2032 battery.

Product Specification:
Waterproof Rate:IP65
Induction Wire:1.5M
Product Size:67.1x35x17.6(mm)
Display Screen:LCD+GreenBacklight
Screen Size:40.9×16.9(mm)
Induction Wire Type:UL2464 26AWG/2C
Refresh Rate:0.5S/1S
Hours Range:0-99999H
RPM Range:0-20000RPM
RPM Alert Setting Range:1000-20000RPM
Housing Material:ABS
Package:Double Blister Card
Length Battery Sepctification:CR2032 210mAH
Timing Precision:0.1H
Maintinance Timer:0-200H
RPM Accuracy:10RPM

Applicative Engine Types:
2 Stroke Gasoline Engine of 1 Cylinder/ 2 Cylinders/ 3 Cylinders
4 Stroke Gasoline Engine of 1 Cylinder/ 2 Cylinders/ 3 Cylinders/ 4 Cylinders/ 5 Cylinders/ 6 Cylinders/ 8 Cylinders/ 12 Cylinders/