If you have a business that is related to paramotoring then you can place your advert on this website for a fixed price per month.

Why should you advertise with us?

We've built a strong presence on the internet, and this website is now attracting people from all over the world who are interested in the sport of paramotoring.

Our main audience is American, with the USA accounting for about 65% of traffic per week. This is followed by the UK at 10% and Canada at 8.5%.

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We currently attract around 1500 visits per day and over 3000 page views, with a very low bounce rate, and an average of over 2 minutes per session.

If you know anything about website analytics you'll know that this is very good, and bare in mind that at the time of writing this these numbers are still growing.

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As you probably know, paramotoring is seasonal so these numbers do drop in the winter months, so the best time to advertise with us is from spring to autumn.

To get your advert on our website all you need to do is Contact Us with your ad and we will place it at the top of the sidebar (this shows up below each post on mobile).

Or we can place your ad at the top of our homepage but remember sidebar ads will attract more clicks as they show up on every single page.

Adverts will only be placed once payment is secured, and a we can only place them in the sidebar or on the homepage. If you want a sidebar ad it needs to be square.


We charge £200 per month (30 days) for clickable ads that will open your website or link in a new tab. Or £50 per month for non clickable ads.

At the end of the 30 day period your ad will be removed from our website unless you contact us to keep it there.

If you want a permanent ad you can pay a fixed amount for 12 months, and the price will be discounted to £195 per month for clickable ads only.

We charge £500 per month for popups that display upon every page load of our website.

All payments will be made via bank transfer, and you will receive an invoice from Paramotor Planet for your accounts.

Contact us by clicking here to compose an email

We look forward to working with you